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Hope for the next season

by schan

Posted on Thursday April 13, 2006 at 08:19am in Saints

Well, we are mathematically safe.

But then I am really disappointed. I thought we would have a good chance of getting into the play-off. But we are talking about "getting safe"... and that's champhionship! Geeez....

I am a bit split on Rupert Lowe, but then I think he has been given enough chances. He hasn't turn the club around and therefore he should be sacked - just like the rest of us - if we don't do a good job then we get fired!

It is going to be an interesting summer........

Now, I just wish that Konami can get a license for the championship team, so that I can bring saints back to top flight!

I am keeping my faith......... just

by schan

Posted on Sunday March 26, 2006 at 04:38pm in Saints

Another 3-0 defeat by the Saints and we are 6 point from the drop zone. My goodness what happened?! Three season ago we were in the FA Cup final and in Europe, what the hell has gone on? I wish I can play for the Saints as even I have more determination to win the match (okay... I cheat on Winning Eleven by replaying the game when I am 1-0 down! And I beat chelsea 4-1 yesterday with Saints doing a 4-5-1!)

Well, I am just about keeping my faith with this club. Not been a happy bunny lately and could not handle my team doing a double drop. I just hope that we are back next season much stronger.

How much worse is it going to be before it gets better...

by schan

Posted on Tuesday March 21, 2006 at 03:45pm in Saints

Saints was playing last night and it was shown on Sky - so I got back home and watched the match. When I turn on the television we are already one-nil down. I thought there will be some fighting spirit left so let see what happened... then two-nil... three-nil.... I can't bear to watch the rest of the match.

How much worse do we need to get before it gets better? Watford is tough to beat I suppose but still we didn't look like a threat at all........ It feels like we are going to spend a few years in the Championship....

I need something to cheer me up....... I may borrow a page from all the girls - let get some retail therapy for my flat!