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My Java story and my latest spat with a famous blogger in HK

by schan

Posted on Friday June 02, 2017 at 08:08am in Java

I end up being Mr. Java pretty much by luck - I was in my third year and I was looking for an internship, which is a requirement for my degree. I was pretty late and got rejected in quite a few places until certain manager from IBM come and interview me for a role. The certain lab in IBM actually made quite a few products and I end up working in the Java Technology Center, and my intern project was to port the JVM to Linux/IA-64 (well no one knows it end up being the biggest white elephant of Intel history). And the rest is history.

My whole career was built on Java, and it has brought me the opportunity to work on pretty impressive projects and interesting work. Java feels like my kid and it is like a proud parent seeing that child growing up and used everywhere as it does.

I understand Java is not as "cool" as it used to be, but I believed in the technology and I know what it can and it cannot do. 

Recently, a leaked memo from Hong Kong has suggested that certain components with the new Air Traffic Control system requires reboot every time the heap is at 2.5G. A number of "high profile"(?) IT(?) blogger posted a couple of piece spreading FUD against Java. Java has its problems and if you "hate" it for the right reason backed by evidence, I would more than happy to accept the opinion. However, the blogger decided for no valid reason in his post he accused Java not being suitable for anything serious. I am not going to let that pass.

Now that blogger has accused those who criticized him spreading FUD against Java being a lefty, and they are helping the government to turn an blind eye in the bad governance/project management of the new ATC roll out. Let me be cleared - you are a respected blogger and with a lot of readers who might not know Java. By reading the FUD in the article you are affecting my career and my life work and I will come out fighting against anyone who spread FUD against Java.

Anyway, I have published my rebuttal to his article in other channel so I am not going to re-post it. If he is believe he is right feel to come and have a conversation with me in June Codeaholics meeting about Java, instead of blocking me on the Facebook. 

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