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Strange Conversation

by schan

Posted on Friday March 13, 2009 at 03:08am in Anything

4.45pm. Sunny's mobile rang.

T = T-Mobile sales. S = Sunny

T: Is this Mr. Chan?

S: Yes

T: This is T-mobile. I noticed that your discount period is coming to an end. Would you like to renew your contract or get a new phone?

S: Not at the moment. I am waiting for a phone to come out and it is not on sale yet.

T: May I ask which one?

S: Palm Pre

T: Sorry what's that?

S: Palm Pre!

T: I have never heard of it.

S: Google it!

T: Tell me the name once more?

S: (Annoyed tone) PALM PRE.

T: How do you spell it?

S: (Very Annoyed) P-A-L-M P-R-E

T: What make is it?

S: (Thinking "D**khead" in his head) Palm

T: I am sorry?

S: (Are you wasting my time?) PALM!

T: Oh Palm. I never heard of it before - Okay let me see.

T: (Looking at Google, found the Palm's website) Oh is it US only?

S: Nope they are going to make a GSM version (Note: I mean 3G - I won't buy a phone without 3G HSPDA!)

S: So can I just keep the contract as is.

T: Yes

S: Okay.

T: Thanks for your time.

This guy should be layed off in this kind of economic environment. Palm Pre is like the best phone since iPhone. He is so not going to sell any phone to me

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