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Three Weeks In

by schan

Posted on Tuesday February 16, 2010 at 03:33am in Anything

Here is my status / thought three weeks into Plan A (formerly known as Plan B)

  1. I am still jet lagged. I feel sleepy during the morning but otherwise I am fine

  2. I have been eating out almost 85% of the days I have been in Hong Kong. I have also joined Fitness First and definitely need to make use of it

  3. The amount of alcohol I have consumed in the last three weeks is the sum of all alcohol I have consumed 3 months before I leave UK.

  4. Where the f**k did all the people come from?! The whole town is packed

  5. My mom is better at investigating my life than FBI / MI5 / KGB

  6. I still feel like I am on holiday here in Hong Kong. I think that would change when my boxes arrive.

  7. My box is currently somewhere near the Gulf at the moment. I just hope that the pirates in Somali won't find it

  8. Work is fine, except a lot of midnight calls. 

  9. Lunch is much better around here. Plenty of nice food and company!

  10. My salary is pretty good over here. Why didn't I do it earlier?

  11. I missed MINI. Didn't help when they have big poster showing Mini near Time Square.

I do miss you guys in UK. Honest.

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