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What I have learnt this week.

by schan

Posted on Monday June 29, 2009 at 02:36am in Anything

It's been a long week. Here is 10 things I have learnt:

  1. If you have locked your keys in your MINI, don't bother calling the recovery service. Just find a stone/hammer and smash the window.
  2. Autoglass open 24*7. If they have the mirror in stock and a technician is available then you can get it fixed at 2am.
  3. Never chain your house keys with your car keys.
  4. Power Steering is a common fault on the 2001-2006 MINI Coopers. And it is expensive to get it fixed so BMW didn't do a recall.
  5. Taking the train to Brighton can be quicker than driving. Except you should expect noisy babies so iPod is essential
  6. Water in Brighton is pretty decent. Though it is a bit difficult to find a shower facility.
  7. Your ghost in Sim 3 only has a limited amount of time. Once the time is up then that's it, so get him/her revived asap.
  8. It's difficult to find a decent techie jobs in Hong Kong, unless you are actually there.
  9. Enjoy your life. You never know when your doctor will give you an overdose. Especially you are the King of Pop
  10. Java 6 Update 14 with server hotspot compiler is really really fast.

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