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Sunny Gor Gor

by schan

Posted on Saturday July 11, 2009 at 04:48pm in Anything

I have a weird morning today:

Firstly I got up at 8 and I was watching thie Google I/O 2008 talk in bed. It is all about the Dalvok VM and I am curious about why they have their own dex format, etc. Interesting on how they adapted Java to work really well in a small platform:


Then I saw my sister has posted one of those really old Hong Kong advert in the facebook:

I then hop around the youtube site and look at some of those really old Hong Kong TV adverts. My goodness. When I was young I thought it was slick and cool, but now I feel a bit errie about them. Anyway, I finally landed on a couple of links with Sunny Gor Gor songs. For those of you who are old enough in Hong Kong should remember him - he is pretty much the first Hong Kong Children TV presenter. I did a bit of google and manage to find his web site. I was too young at that time (ahem... yes I was) and I only had a faint memory of him on TV.

However, I didn't pick my Sunny as my first name because of him though (nor did my parents). That's a story for another time.

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