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T-Mobile G1 - The Google Phone

by schan

Posted on Friday July 17, 2009 at 03:06am in Anything

Well, as most people who read this knows that I am pretty keen on Palm Pre. However my Nokia N95 is falling apart and I need a phone now to replace my Nokia. So I decided to take a look and I have decided to get a T-Mobile G1 for now, and then when Palm Pre is out here at the end of the year I would go and get

For those who doesn't know, T-Mobile G1 is the first phone that is based upon Google Android, the Linux based mobile OS that uses a subset/special implementation of Java as the main program interface.

I have been using the G1 for about a week now, and so far so good. It's pretty slick and the interface are pretty good compare to the iPhone. All the apps I wanted to use are there, including a fairly decent Live Messenger client. Althought the AppStore is not as good as Apple, it is growing and there are a few useful one up there. Hopefully once the Chinese Manufacturer making cheaper Android phone more developers will move onto the platform. Though it should be fairly easy to move J2ME application onto the Android platform (quite similar but not exactly the same - however a good developer can easily develop Facade to support both).

Anyway, I should download the SDK and have a play around soon.

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