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Just leave me alone

by schan

Posted on Thursday November 13, 2008 at 06:05am in Anything

Rather mad about certain email I received. I deal with issues in my own way and I just do not understand why someone have to impose "their idea" onto me. "I buggered off with your friend in your birthday party but I would still like be your friend. So please talk to me". What do people expect. Didn't I made it clear? Just get out of my life.

Certain friend of mine has been commenting that maybe I am not letting go, but this is the way I deal with this kind of things. She has found someone else and I don't think too highly of the guy but I leave them alone. But just don't expect things will get back to the way it is, I don't have any obligation to be anyone's friend. Those of you who really know me, I am a person of extremes: When I love something, I love it with passion. When I hate something I hate it with passion as well. If people can't deal with that then that's tough.

That email ruined my day. But I am calm down a bit and after I sleep over it I decided that I shouldn't raise my blood pressure over it. This is the last time I will talk about this.

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