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Should I be doing something else?

by schan

Posted on Wednesday April 09, 2008 at 07:49am in Anything

Well, being a JVM expert is quite fun, but then it seems like there are many other profession that is much more fun and gives you more perks! Take an example of a politican - all they do are talking hot air and they get perks like Second Home, and others expenses. Hang on a second - TV License for Tony Blair? Come on, he doesn't even like BBC!

As the credit crunch deepens, I am planning for my exit if the big enterprise that I am working for decided to lay people off and that I could find a job to do with computers:

  1. Be a plumber/electrician in London. Although the article is quite a few years old, I can confirm that there is still a shortage of plumber and electrician in London after the boiler fiasco.
  2. If I have got fed up with the city life, I don't mind going to Australia and be a beef farmer or even a miner or whatever they can do out there. You know. people from UK have a thing about Australia, and vice versa.
  3. Worse come to the worse, I can always go back to Hong Kong and teach English? Who cares about good tenses and stuff!

 Sounds like I am pretty sorted. Bring it on credit crunch.

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