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Comments on the cars that I have owned so far

by schan

Posted on Monday March 31, 2008 at 05:28am in Anything

Well, I had owned three cars so far. Let me talk about my general feeling towards each of them.

 The first car that I drove was a Ford Escort. I bought it when I start working as a summer intern in IBM Hursley. That place is so remote and there is no way I can wake up early enough to catch a train and then a bus from Eastleigh. So, it was £1000 and it has done quite a few London and Eastleigh run on M3. Pretty good until near the end when the engine would cut out mysteriously. Althought the drive is not great it gets me from A to B pretty well, and people are impressed with it fitting 5 people. Don't miss this at all though.

 My second car was a Ford Puma. It's my graduation gift from my parent (thanks mom and dad) and it is the best car I have driven so far. Okay, a bit feminie on the outside but don't let it fool you - it's brilliant when you are doing 150% the speed limit on M27. It's quick, nimble, handle like a proper sports car and it still turn heads. I would have snap up another one if Ford decided to make another couple again. I have done plenty of Southampton to London runs as well as a few trips up to Liverpool, and it has done 40,000 in the 3 years that I owned the car, and boy did I enjoy every single minute of it. I would love to own a Ford Puma again at some point.

 Finally, the current Mrs. Chan, Mini Cooper. Well I got it because Ford has a reputation of going wrong when the warrantly runs out, and I cannot be borther to risk it. Anyway, I want a small and nimble car with 4 seats, and yet the Ford so call Puma replacement, the Ford StreetKa, is such a pile of bulls**t that I didn't even test drive it. So it was down to Mini then. Well, it wasn't as quick as the Puma and doesn't handle as well as the Puma, it is pretty good and I am quite happy to live with it. I have been to even more places with it, including the France driving trip to the south and Monaco. Though I have to say BMW really needs to improve on the build quality. Things are falling off my car - mostly the internal trims!

 So my firm favourite is still my Puma. Ford please make another brilliant car like Puma - I would buy one straight away.



The Racing Puma was ultimately produced in UK market in Imperial Blue metallic paint, which was not seen on other Puma versions in the UK market.

Posted by Thom Willi on December 13, 2010 at 07:37 am HKT #

Well, Some of the reviews that you provided were bit biased, but overall it's a genuine article to read :)

Posted by rutherford on January 27, 2011 at 11:18 am HKT #

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