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Has Sunny gone photo crazy?

by schan

Posted on Wednesday April 02, 2008 at 01:40am in Anything

Not quite. If you are reading this blog entry over in Facebook, you might suddenly discover yourself tagged in some of my really old photos. You wonder what happened here? Let me explain.

I have been publishing a lot of my photos over in my website. I use it as a kind of my archive and let other people have an idea of what my life is like so far - my mom keep tabs of me on that photo site! :-) The site uses Gallery v1 and I highly recommend this if you ever need to build an online album website but don't want to use Flickr or something like that. When the Facebook API comes along people has been developing software that bridges Gallery to Facebook's Photo application. However, most of these solutions requires a newer version of Gallery.

As with most people I talk to at work, I am very reluctant to upgrade due to the fact that the new version of Gallery requires a proper SQL database, consider that I am only running on a 512MB Xen VPS provided by Slicehost. However last weekend I decided to take the plunge finally and upgrade my Gallery installation after all these years, and finally I can make use of Gallery Import and make those photos available.

There were some absolutely gems - including photos from my final few months in Felsted... I was so bloody slim! I blame those KFC I ate on my way back to halls in my first year......

Enjoy the picutres!



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